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Bands and Production:

DJs and Dance Parties:

Dyztort "The D.U.D.E"

Director of Operations

Chloe D'Cay

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Ariel Markowitz, Assistant Director of

Convention Services, Sheraton Parsippany
Chloe was an absolute pleasure to work with for the 2019 Convention season. She was organized, quick to respond, and overall a great addition to the planning team. Her assistance definitely helped

to ensure a successful event. 

Julia O'Connell, "The Gothic Librarian"

"I have had the pleasure to work on a convention together with Chloe for several years, and I can say that Chloe puts 100% of her heart into everything that she does. She prioritizes communication and collaboration—the two most important things you need for an event to run smoothly!"

Kenny Harris, Professor of Visual Arts
"For several years, i had the privilege to present with Chloe on panels discussing paranormal investigations and the scientific process. Her commitment to the material, as well as her enthusiasm for educating and entertaining the public were inspirational. In addition to her work on the panel, she was able to provide me with a safe, organized, and professional experience presenting at my first, and all subsequent, conventions."

Avril Korman, Beautiful Freak Cosmetics
"Chloe has always been an excellent vendor coordinator. She is receptive, involved and thoughtful. I have personally watched her find solutions to complex problems on the fly, and to apologize sincerely when she can't. She's an excellent choice to handle vendor relations at any event and has proven herself more than once to tackle problems under pressure with creativity, kindness and grace. "

Chloe Wagner, Owner Requiem Oddities
"Chloe made what would have been a chaotic vending experience a breeze. She was in constant communication about logistics, assisted when we had trouble at load in, and personally directed us to our setup location. She periodically checked in to make sure we had everything we needed, and went above and beyond for us for the duration of the event."

Rob and Rowyn, Team Manticore
"Chloe has always been a constant professional, listening and responding to any concerns we had as vendors in a timely and respectful manner. We never felt the need to hesitate to bring anything to her attention, and always knew she had the vendor's best interests in mind."

Bella La Blanc, Bella's Tchotchkis
"I have to say that it was a pleasure working with this team as a vendor. They seriously went above and beyond to make sure everyone felt welcome, invited, appreciated. I have felt at ease about vending. All my questions were always answered immediately and any needs were always handled with the utmost care and concern. I appreciated the communication from the moment I signed up till the moment I loaded out. I look forward to working with them again. "

Alexys Forrest, Performer
"Chloe D'Cay is one of the most hardworking outstanding performers and event coordinators I know. She always puts on a killer show. Working with her at past events has been nothing short of inspiring. I can't wait to see what she will dream up next! She always keeps you on your toes!"

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