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General Code of Conduct

The Unconvention is a place where everyone should feel comfortable being themselves! Within our convention we expect all beings to be treated respectfully and for all to abide by the policies below. Attendees must wear their wristbands at all times while at the convention. No one may sell products, services, or goods unless they are an approved vendor. Remember that we are guests at the hotel. Please treat the hotel staff respectfully, do not damage the rooms, and refrain from any behavior that would prevent us from doing another event at this hotel in the future. The event safe force has the final say on all matters of safety and security within the confines of the The Unconvention grounds.

Harassment Policy

Harassment, bullying, or unwanted contact of any kind is not tolerated at this event. The Unconvention reserves the right to eject from the convention—without refund—any attendee not in compliance with this policy

Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

• Derogatory comments or slurs, including but not limited to those based on age, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, race, religion, physical appearance, disability, etc.

• Striking, kicking, shoving, or other offensive touching; or threatening to engage in such behavior

• Unwelcome or unwanted advances, including sexual advances, or demands for sexual favors

• Deliberate intimidation; stalking or following

• Sustained disruption of events

• Non-consensual recording or photography

• Intentional misgendering; bathroom policing If you are experiencing harassment, please notify a staff member. You can also email us at any time at Your report will be taken seriously and treated confidentially. Convention staff has sole discretion in determining what constitutes harassment and reserves the right to take immediate action against anyone who violates this policy, up to and including expulsion.

Camera & Photography Policy

Professional and DSLR Photographers must sign up online or at the front desk to take photos. Regular attendees and other participants may take photographs and video recordings during the event. But absolutely no news outlets of any kind are permitted to take any photography or video without express permission by Chloe D'Cay herself and no one else. 

By registering for this event, you give consent for the The Unconvention to publish these photos and recordings in printed materials or on the internet without additional notice or compensation. Please obtain expressed permission from people when taking their picture or video recording. If a person says no, please do not take their picture. Even if an individual is in costume, do not assume they wish for their photo to be taken. Likewise, if someone in costume who is ok with their picture being taken is taking a break (eating, sitting, resting in any way, enjoying a show or shopping, etc.) please allow them that restful period.
Use good judgment and etiquette to request a photo when they seem ready. If possible, obtain consent before taking the picture/video recording. If the nature of the photograph (action or candid) precludes advance consent, please ask for consent after the picture has been taken and be willing to delete digital photos if requested. This is not license to take deliberately awkward, embarrassing, or inappropriate photographs.

When stopping to take photographs in the hallways, please be considerate of your fellow members by being brief and not blocking traffic. Please use discretion with flash photography. Some performers require intense concentration during their performance—for your safety as well as their own. Please be considerate when photographing performances.

Weapons Policy Costume

Costume weapons are permitted but edged weapons must be peace-tied (zip-tied to stay in their sheaths) at registration upon arrival at the convention. Firearms are not permitted at the convention. Realistic gun replicas are not allowed, either. All prop guns MUST have a clearly visible orange tip. Any weapon or prop determined by staff to be detrimental to the safety or security of the convention will be prohibited. Staff decisions are final and not subject to appeal. You may not brandish props or weapons or swing them at others. If you are seen using a prop in an unsafe manner, you may be asked to put it away or your prop may be confiscated by convention staff.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

We ask that you not over-consume alcohol. Visibly inebriated persons will be escorted back to their room or off the premises at the discretion of the safety team. Alcohol consumption by persons under the age of 21 remains illegal and not allowed anywhere at The Unconvention. Hosts of parties are reminded not serve minors or over-serve adults. We ask that you do not bring glass containers/bottles onto the dance floor or other high flow traffic areas. The use of illegal drugs remains illegal and is not permitted at The Unconvention Smoking Policy No smoking is allowed within the hotel. This applies to both tobacco and non-tobacco substances.

Refund Policy & Ticket Info :
Refunds on passes are no longer available ( Exp.9/1/2023)

Presales: Daily $45/ Weekend $60 (End 10/5)

Door Sales: Daily $60/Weekend $80 (Begin 10/6)

By purchasing tickets to TheUnConvention and entering the venue, attendees consent to being in photos, video, and livestreams of the event.


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